Many CNC machine shops narrowly focus on a single area of expertise and as a result tend to lack the required machinery and experience to create something outside of their chosen field. This can negatively affect project flexibility and overall costs for a customer since they may need to utilize more than one shop to complete their project.

O&Y Precision prides itself on being your true single source contract manufacturer. We offer not only expert machinists with access to and experience with a large array of machinery for a variety of industries, we are also certified for industry-specific standards, utilize an amazing ERP system, work with a wide assortment of materials, and can machine just about anything from a single small prototype to full large scale production.

With a true focus on customer service and on-time delivery, we are quick, efficient, and capable. From one-off prototypes to high volume production, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to get your project executed right.

Machining services offered by O&Y Precision

Milling, turning, boring, EDM, mechanical assembly, and more.

Metal forming and welding at O&Y Precision
Metal Forming

Water jet, welding, sheetmetal, forming, bending, and more.

Prototyping services offered by O&Y Precision

From startups to large corporations – we are your manufacturing partner.

contract manufacturing from O&Y Precision
Contract Manufacturing

Powder coating, anodizing, chem. Film, electropolishing, plating, and more.

Finishing services offered by O&Y

Powder coating, anodizing, chem. Film, electropolishing, plating, and more.

Secondary Operations offered by O&Y Precision
Secondary Operations

Tapping, honing, griding, silkscreening, polishing, laser cutting, and more.

Assembly services from O&Y Precision

Complete mechanical assembly, sub-assemblies, modifications, R&D, and more.

Our experienced engineers and machinists look forward to helping you create the right solution for your specific application.