Prototyping services at O&Y Precision

We love to work with you to help you make improvements, adjust your designs, and generate new versions of your grand ideas.

Our highly personalized process begins with a consultation; we collaborate directly with your engineering team throughout the design stage, thoroughly review your requirements, and offer customized, cost-effective solutions. We will help you select the right materials and offer insight as your fine-tune your design. We will then machine your parts and deliver them to you on time. Guaranteed.

We are truly interested in taking your ideas to new levels to help your business succeed. Whether your company is a startup developing your first product or a large corporation in need of recurrent production runs. We are your manufacturing partner.

Solutions for any size company at any phase of production:
  • Start-Ups: We work closely with you to help turn your ideas into functional products. In the prototyping phase we can help you gain traction, and then we help move you into low volume production when you are ready. We partner with you so that as you grow you will have the right production resources to keep delivering your products.
  • Mid-Sized Businesses: We work with you from the design phase to get your prototypes delivered quickly. Each revision will be tested and modifications can be turned around in a timely manner to help you bring you product to market faster.
  • Fortune 500 Companies: For larger companies who just need prototypes done quickly with turn-key capabilities – we offer just about anything you need.

Our experienced engineers and machinists look forward to helping you create the right solution for your specific application.